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Kerala has a glorious tradition of ayurvedic healthcare system centuries before, commonly known as Special treatments of Kerala which includes procedures such as pizhichil, njavarakkizhi, takradhara, talapothichil,Panchkarma treatment in delhi and many more and therefore people from all over the world and from other states of India visit Kerala to take benefit of this God gifted health care system


Rejuvenation Programme

Ayurveda has two main objectives – one is to maintain health and the second is to cure disease.

Detoxification Programme

The entire nature has a tendency to rejuvenate itself by nature itself during spring season.

Weight Reducing Programme

Weight management therapy is one of the most common needs today while people visit Ayurvedic centres

Stress Relieving Programme

The fast and furious life with frustrations, deadlines, demands make the stress as a life companion

Beauty Programme

This therapy is not only cleansed the skin and pores, but also to detoxify the body from within.

Pain Management Programme

Pain is the most popular complaint every one now a day facing without any age limits and can occur




Abhyangam is the special kerala ayurvedic massage which is also called as uzhichil.


Shirodhara is a classic Ayurvedic therapy that includes gently pouring of warm herbal

Pizhichal / Dhara

Pizhichil (kayaseka/tailaseka/sarvanga dhara/sneha dhara) is a specialty treatment

Kizhi / Potli Massage

This specialized form of massages can be Njavarakizhi, Choornapindaswedanam (Podikkizhi)

Kati Vasti

The waist area of the body is called Kati. Kati Vasti involves retention of warm thick medicated

Janu Vasti

It is a specialized therapy which is performed for the pain related to Knee joint.

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