Detoxification Programme

Detoxification Programme


The entire nature has a tendency to rejuvenate itself by nature itself during spring season. Ayurveda also recommends internal cleansing at every change of seasons (Ditoxification) and right season for detoxification is considered beneficial in the spring season. the detoxification methods of Maharishi Ayurveda flush out the toxins gently without disturbing the body’s own natural functioning.

Ayurveda recommends two kinds of detoxification programs: self-detox including diet, herbal preparations, and daily routine and a detoxification program supervised by an expert trained physician as prescribed in ayurveda. If toxins continues to be produced over a long period of time due to eating habis etc., it can leave the digestive tract, travel to a weak area elsewhere in the body and settle there. Usually it blocks microcirculatory channels and disrupts the flow of nutrients to the area as well as the body’s natural waste removal systems.

The toxins can also accumulate in our body outside the body. Included are environmental toxins such as chemicals, preservatives, poisons, air and water pollution, genetically engineered foods, synthetics etc. The detoxification methods are never harsh or forceful, but simply support and enhance the body’s own ability to release toxins.

Panchakarma removes toxins from the digestive system, bowels, lungs, blood vessels and nervous system. It strengthens the muscles and joints and helps in the hormone secretion of all glands. It improves the appetite, sleep quality, sexuality, concentration and memory. No wonder many people feel like they have a new body after Panchakarma!

8 Days – 1½ hour every day

1. Abhyangam + Steam + Matravasti
2. Abhyangam + Steam + Matravasti
3. Abhyangam + Steam + Kashayavasti
4. Abhyangam + Steam + Matravasti
5. Abhyangam + Steam + Kashayavasti
6. Abhyangam + Steam + Matravasti
7. Abhyangam + Steam + Kashayavasti
8. Abhyangam + Steam + Matravasti

ACCOMODATION : We have arrangements for well maintained single/double occupants rooms during treatment period. The range starts from INR1700 upto INR4000/day