Kati Vasti


The waist area of the body is called Kati. Kati Vasti involves retention of warm thick medicated oil over the lower back or other parts of the spine for certain period. A leak proof reservoir of black gram flour is built around the lumbo-sacral area and lukewarm medicinal oil around 200-300ml is slowly poured into it. The temperature of oil is maintained throughout the period for better result

The process is may follow gentle massage and steaming for 10-15 minutes. It is usually done in a course of 5 to 7 days.

Kativasti strengthens back muscles, joints and soft tissues which maintain normal curvature of the spine the bone tissues. It is the effective treatment for any type of back pain & spinal disorders, stiffness and other back concerns related to spinal disc problems. It increases the circulation in the region & highly effective in inflammatory conditions.

Kati vasti is given as package with other treatments or alone in pain management programmes of Keraleeyam.

Oil retaining treatment for cervical area of spine is named as greeva vasti, and the whole spine is known as prushta vasti.